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Oh well!

You cant play as a girl in South Park: Stick of Truth.

The problem is this game has a customize option, people are angry that some girls out here do not want to play as a boy.

"In Tomb Raider you have to play as Laura! or in Barbie you have to play as Barbie! Portal you gotta play as a girl!"

But this game lets you customize a character. Portal and Tomb Raider doesn’t so I can understand why you must play as a girl. She is the main character.

Just like with Mario or the Sonic series. Who cares? You’re obviously playing as a character not someone you’ve created.

Barbie is marketed towards a specific demographic, which if you’re a boy and like Barbie, you might as well be more comfortable making or playing as Barbie. Same with My Little Pony (FiM) most male fans of the show like the female model of the ponies or have fallen in love with these female characters to choose to play as Rarity or Applejack.

Same if I as a girl who was into Dragonball Z which is usually directed towards a certian audience. I wouldn’t care if I made a male character or play as one.

But isn’t South Park considered unisex? I mean I’ve played some games where I’ve had to play as Cartman (<3) but I didn’t mind because I get it.

But? Why give me a customize option to create a little boy? Might as well given me a female option. I don’t feel comfortable being referred to as “son”. This character is supposed to represent me, right?

I don’t care about playing as Cartman, Gohan or Aladdin and being referred to as “son” or boy because they aren’t me.

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Emofuri layers translated! Use, reblog, enjoy! :D

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Good Jack requested by loveburrito and Good Chase requested by ask-uni!

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More Emofuri Gifs

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